Storytelling + Presentation Coaching for Health Professionals

Jeff Polish with Health Professional Clients for Storytelling Coaching at SwitchPoint Conference

When Telling Your Story Can CHANGE AND SAVE LIVES

With his deep background in storytelling, communications, and science, Jeff Polish partners with individuals and organizations in medicine and Global Health to help them hone and present stories powerfully and effectively at critical conferences, meetings, and more.

Jeff has taught medical students and doctors at Duke University to help shape the way that health professionals listen to and tell stories. In addition, through partnerships with organizations like IntraHealth International, Jeff has coached many Frontline Health Workers from India, Brazil, Senegal, Uganda, South Africa, and Tanzania to create stories that give voice to those in need in developing countries.

These stories have been told at Congressional briefings in Washington, DC and Global Health conferences around the world. Jeff particularly enjoys partnering with Health Professionals to work with them to identify how to best convey the incredibly important stories they need to share with donors, advocates, legislators, and others.

These services include shaping the story as well as providing feedback on any materials, including Keynotes and Powerpoints used at conferences and the like.