Jeff Polish, Professional Speaker on Storytelling

Speaking and Workshops on Storytelling

with Jeff Polish


Jeff is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning storytelling coach. He works one-on-one and with groups of various sizes to teach people how to use stories to communicate with impact.

Jeff’s presentations and workshops emphasize:

  • The limitless power of a great story
  • What is a story?
  • How to use story to communicate ANY message
  • How to find the true meaning in any story
  • Finding the authentic you

Fun, engaging, and hilarious, Jeff gives presentations ranging from 1 hour to multi-day immersive workshops. Jeff's presentations are ideal for your next conference, association meeting, foundation retreat and more.

And Jeff's workshops are perfect for

  • Corporate retreats
  • Sales kickoffs
  • Departmental continuing learning
  • Executive leadership development
  • Foundation conferences
  • MBA training

Storytelling is fundamentally about communication. When your event or organization needs to focus on communication, Jeff is the right, fresh and dynamic speaker you've been looking for.

Reviews of Jeff Polish, Speaker

Jeff is my "go-to" resource for creating a powerful learning experience around storytelling for business leaders.

Jeff's presentation was spot on — he made the business case for the power of narratives to transmit organizational culture as a key skill of leaders and was animated, engaging and informative.  

Participants left with a new appreciation of the importance of storytelling in their professional space - that powerful narratives have a structure and formula and that storytelling is a competency that can be learned and improved.  

- Earnest Broughton
Senior Advisor, Ethics & Compliance Initiative

"Why We Tell Stories"

From The Monti's "Hippo Awards" in January 2016, Jeff shares how personal storytelling is a significant and terrifying act of bravery. People share stories because it creates connection to other people that is vital to our humanity. 

Below, find two sample presentation titles and descriptions of many that Jeff offers. Contact Jeff for availability and further details here. Videos of presentations available upon request.

How to Use Storytelling for Greater Impact (AKA How to NOT Bore Your Audience to Death) 

Length: 1 hour

A great general introduction to storytelling! Storytelling is emerging as the most effective means to engage an audience. This session will identify what we mean when we use the term ‘story'. What is it? When are you actually telling one? When are you simply listing facts and content points? When are the moments when your presentation is in danger of disengaging from your audience? How can you use storytelling to link an audience to your organization’s mission? In this session, Jeff Polish will tell stories, show videos, ask the participants to evaluate what works and what doesn’t work in the provided examples. This is a fun and energetic session that will illustrate the power of vulnerability and attunement over facts and figures.

Telling Your Story Workshop

Length: 2 hours

In this session, the participants will use what they learned in the previous session to tell their own stories related to the company’s values and behaviors. These stories will be geared towards personal experiences and observations through a specific prompt that will help to orient their stories.

“Think about the moment in your life that was not governed by integrity. How did it turn out?,” or “What specific life experience led you here?” There are two major focal points to this session: first, to practice participants’ abilities as new storytellers using the principles just acquired; second, to clarify and build a base of stories around Penn’s values and behaviors. (NOTE: through the sharing of individual and personal stories, a larger narrative may emerge, one that may never have crystallized before. This can help shape a future story).

This session is not simply a ‘Share Your Story’ session, rather it is a true workshop where one person tells a story while others listen and provide specific feedback that will help to clarify the points of a story. Through this immersive process, the participants’ abilities as storytellers will improve. Jeff Polish will facilitate this session and lead the group through proper levels of feedback. 

Jeff Polish at work at a consultant

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